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Economics on the Border is a student-run open seminar meant to fill the gap between economics and certain disciplines or fields of philosophical thought (such as continental and political philosophy) that are usually considered as "unaffiliated" with the methods and practices of 'mainstream' economic science. Seminars and seminal projects will therefore be run jointly by master students enrolled at EIPE (Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics) and in the regular MA Philosophy at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. It is a "work in progress" series of seminars, run independently of EUR's curriculum and, both mostly and advisedly, it is open to any philosophy and/or economics student who wishes to discuss economics not only at the light, but also in virtue of continental philosophy tradition. For a more comprehensive description and info on the meetings please see below.  

                                                      Fourth Seminar@ philosophers rally



                  Third Seminar: What's going on at the university?                      


                                   Second Seminar : Work/Labour

                                                              Agenda                   Map


Scope of the Seminar                Meeting Notes



An Overview on Economics



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